11. Personal Safety in the Community

OG Product: 

NASW Certified

This program is approved by the National Association for Social Workers (Approval # 886743327-6420 for 4 continuing education contact hours.

Course Description

This course is intended for Case Workers, Community Health Workers, ACT Team Members, and anyone who reaches out to consumers in challenging neighborhoods or buildings that may be unsafe for them or the people they serve. From pre-visit preparations to what you say and do while working in the community, NAPPI's awareness, assessment, and response skills will keep you safe. Whether you are driving your own vehicle, approaching and entering a housing unit, or changing a tire in a rural setting, NAPPI has you covered in the safest possible way. We will also teach you skills to properly communicate with your supervisor as well as helpful tips on how to use technology to your advantage.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the five S.M.A.R.T Principles and provide examples of each
  • Determine the level of danger a behavior presents as informed by the Lalemand Red Behavior Scale
  • Identify safe and effective responses that match the level of danger as indicated by the behavior
  • Describe the steps involved in staying safe during a potentially dangerous community visit
  • Identify the parts of a personal flight plan to stay safer during a potentially dangerous community visit
  • Define the components of a credible threat and how to assess them to determine the seriousness
  • Describe why people threaten others
  • Identify clues you can use to determine the level of seriousness of a threat
  • Describe how to respond to a threat
  • Describe methods for keeping yourself safe in a threatening situation